Primer intercanvi Erasmus +

Primera part d'intercanvi d'alumnes: visita a Nijmegen

A finals del primer trimestre i dins del projecte Erasmus+ KA2 Healthy Lifestyle and Nutrition que se’ns ha concedit aquest any, 20 alumnes de segon i tercer d’ESO del nostre centre han viatjat a Holanda per participar en la primera part de l’intercanvi amb l’escola Montessori de Nijmegen, Holanda. Abans de les vacances i en un ambient molt nadalenc, els nostres alumnes van viure un seguit d’aventures i experiències durant una setmana, que a mode de diari i en anglès, ens expliquen a continuació:

 Day 1: Monday 9th December 2019
On that day we arrived at the Montessori school and we were shocked about how great it was. The first few hours we met with the other exchange students and we did a small "tour" around the school. It was a very big school and there were 4 buildings, each one with some specific classes. After having the "tour" our partners took us to a class with them. Later, we went to the building where they had lunch, since they have lunch at about 12 am. Just after lunch we went to do some sport in one of the gyms of the school. We did: A game that consists of throwing and trying to catch some kind of „sticks“ of other students, moving right and left and in groups; we also played a game where there was a big ball in the middle of the court and the two groups (Spain vs. Holland) had to get to move the big ball by throwing smaller balls to it and trying to move it closer to the opposing team to get a point; and finally we played Dutchball, a game similar to „Mato“, where we had to try to hit members of the other team with balls. At the end, we were in our respective houses and, although we felt good, we were missing a good plate of food on the table. 
In the afternoon every couple had some fun activities. Some of us had a small party with other couples, others went to the cinema… It was a day of a lot of emotions and adaptations because we were not used to that place, or that climate, but it was a very nice first day.

 Day 2: Tuesday 10th December 2019
On Tuesday we went to the Efteling theme park, and it was a really exciting day. At ten o'clock in the morning we left the school with the bus and at quarter past eleven we arrived at the theme park. 

First, we took a group photo and then we enjoyed all the attractions and the roller coasters. Some people rode in “the Baron” (a very scary and high rollercoaster) but there were also people who were a little bit scared of it and did not try it. Then, we had lunch and in the afternoon we continued enjoying the day. We were there until six o’clock in the afternoon. At six o’clock we left the Efteling with bus, but it wasn’t a normal bus, it was “The Disco Bus“ so we had a party in it, with music, lights and everything. It was really fun!!!!!!
When we arrived in Nijmegen again, we were very tired so we went to our partners’ home to eat something and went to bed. It was a really exciting day, for most of the students the best day of the week.

 Day 3: Wednesday 11th December 2019
This day started in the school. We met all together in a class and then we did a kind of test with our exchange partners‘ mobile phones. After finishing the test, we separate the group into 2 small groups. One group, had to do a “Fit Test“ in the school gym, and the other one listened to a woman talking about the foundation called “Plastic Soup”. Plastic Soup is a foundation that talks about the plastic that is found in the sea and how to end with this disaster. The fit test was so fun and listening to this woman was very interesting. Then, each group changed the activities because all the people had to do both. After that, we had lunch in the school. Later, we had to meet all together in the city centre. In the city centre we picked up trash from the streets in groups of four, using some special and long tongs. The group that picked up the most amount of trash had an award. Then, after the school activities, some people went to a laser-quest, other people went to a mall, others had dinner together in a restaurant or in a house and others went to a sport training.

 Day 4: Thursday 12th December 2019
On Thursday morning we went to Amsterdam, more specifically, to the “NEMO Science Museum”. NEMO is a very modern building and it is located very close to the Amsterdam’s centre. We left by train at 9:30am and we arrived to the Amsterdam’s station at 11:00am. Quickly, we went to NEMO walking along the beautiful and modern canals of the capital to start our new experience. First, we were explained the most important things about the museum and we had something to eat. This museum is very different from the typical museums that we are used to see, since it has no guide, you go alone or with other through the museum trying out the different activities/experiments that are there to see.
Then, more or less at noon, we watched a wonderful active puzzle of chain experiments that ended up with the launch of a rocket, we ate something healthy in the canteen and watched the incredible landscape. At 15:00pm we took our train back to Nijmegen. In the train we had a terrible seat mate who tried to get us off the train, but finally we arrived safe and sound to the station. At night, some of us went to a restaurant to have dinner and then to bed.

 Day 5: Friday 13th December 2019
On this day we got up early because we had to cook something to eat with our exchange partners to bring later on to the school. We did this in our partners‘ kitchen in pairs and everyone prepared different dishes to bring to the school. They were supposed to be healthy and we had to explain what we had prepared to the rest of the students and teachers. At about 11h in the morning we met at school with the food that every pair of
students had prepared. Then, we were given some time to prepare a presentation about what we had cooked and about something that we had learned during the exchange week in Holland. Some of the topics that we could choose were: healthy lifestyle and healthy nutrition, sports, environmental issues, pollution, recycling, etc. At about 14h all students put some tables together at the main room of one of the school buildings and placed our presentations and dishes on them to present it to the rest of the students, teachers and also to some of the parents that came to the school too. We tried different kind of dishes, listened to the other presentations and had a great time with our exchange mates and families. It was a great way to end a very nice week in Holland.